Travel SEO

Let the experts behind one of the top travel SEO strategies in history go to work for you.

Want those looking for their next destination to land on your site? Hire SEO team built the strategy that put Cheap flights on the front page of search results and received a perfect score in independent audits.

Why Do You Need Travel SEO Services?

Searching the Internet is the number one way by which consumers plan their travel experiences. According to Google Research, 57% of Leisure Travelers and 64% of Business Travelers begin their planning process by researching trips online Travel SEO Services give your travel business the must-have tools to show up where these consumers are searching.

For travel-focused businesses, getting organic search placement provide huge opportunities – and huge challenges. Your reach, once limited mainly to local knowledge and word-of-mouth, suddenly has the potential to expand on a global scale. At the same time, you’re now faced with stiff competition from all of the other travel providers in the online sphere. To succeed, you need research, a carefully planned process, and an understanding of your customers’ journey, their intent, and the various micro-moments that happen along the way from initial trip planning to actual travel.

Catch A Glimpse Of Our Services

Site Structure

We pay attention to your website’s structure because search engines should be able to read, crawl and index your pages. We make your website search engine friendly and at the same time, we also work towards making it user friendly because search engines want it to be that way. Correct website structure means you will get more traffic, more visibility, and more business in the long run.


You’re going to need assets that support your rankings for all those relevant search queries. Here’s a glimpse of how targeting works. We do keyword research for each destination and related queries. We help you build better landing pages with SEO optimized content, tags, and meta descriptions. We produce branded content for you and optimized your website for local social profiles.

Link Building

 We follow the guidelines suggested by search engines and build quality links accordingly. We have built a strong network of reliable journalists and niche-specific bloggers who are ready to help you build quality links for your website. We have hand-picked reputed media channels and we hate spam as much as you do.

Content Strategy

A smart content strategy is about strengthening your brand’s search appearance and user-friendliness. With the right content, you can inform, educate, convince, and convert those visitors into loyal customers. We make sure producing content in different forms and sharing it on all the relevant channels where your target customers spend most of their time.