Law Firm SEO

We have built a complete social media marketing service specifically for law firms and lawyers everywhere. Get real results now.

Presently a great many people look online before hiring a law agency.If you want to grow your law practice, you should be there when your prospective clients are searching online.Our legal advisor SEO service will improve your search visibility and help you associate with more individuals who need legitimate guidance.

Unique Needs of SEO for Law Firms

Unlike other industries, law firms face the unique challenges of staying in compliance with their particular states’ bar association requirements for advertising when marketing online. This is another reason why working with a law firm SEO agency — specialists in the industry — is so useful. With a law firm SEO agency, you have a team of professionals committed to helping you adhere to all legal requirements, while also maximizing your ROI.

Seo Services For Law Firms

Site Audit

 Our law firm SEO expert  performs a site audit on your website to analyze your site’s current content, mapping, code, and use of relevant keywords. This helps us identify your site’s strengths and weaknesses so we can better develop an SEO strategy for your firm.

Strategy & Goals

Next, we take the information gathered to create a customized plan to develop an optimized site that will outrank your competition for the keywords your prospects use most when searching for legal representation.


During setup, we prepare your site for the traffic it is about to receive and implement tools and software for tracking analytics so we know the true success our law firm SEO services bring to your practice.

Onpage optimization

The start of our optimization begins with on-site and on-page strategies by cleaning up your site’s code, structure, and mapping. We also apply highly searched keywords to your content in a manner that brings value to your site and attracts prospects to spend more time on your site.

Offpage optimization

Any true law firm SEO expert knows that SEO is not a one time practice that can be done and forgotten. It is an ongoing process that requires constant updating to ensure the search engines understand that your law firm has an updated site that remains on trend with what your prospects are searching for and want to see. Our law firm SEO services include continuous optimization where we persistently update your site through link building, blogging, strategy adjustments, and ongoing keyword research to ensure the success of your SEO.