Healthcare SEO

Increase foot traffic into your facility as well as website traffic volume. Build a positive and rewarding reputation with Google and your patients. Outrank the competition with healthcare SEO.

Our Core Healthcare Services

Dental SEO service

Most dental practices see an average close rate of 18% through organic SEO leads. Without dental SEO services in place, you’re potentially missing out on 18% more patients for your practice.

Stop missing out on leads and start building your patient base by making your website more visible for the searches your patients are performing. Complete our contact form today to schedule a call with our team if your ready to work with a powerful dental SEO company that will help you grow your practice.

Doctor SEO Services

If you are a doctor that is looking to build your medical practice and increase the number of patients that you serve, it’s necessary to have a positive search engine presence. Potential patients want to know that they will feel comfortable with the doctor that they choose to visit and are less likely to trust you if they can’t find any information about you or your practice in the search engines.

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Why Do You Need Healthcare SEO Services?

Performing healthcare SEO for your site is time intensive and requires deep knowledge about the healthcare industry, your business, and search engine optimization. An ongoing process that is more costly in time than it is in monetary value.

Achieve greater patient retention rates with great content that supports your healthcare SEO. Whenever your business is referred to potential customers, those people still perform a search on your business. We make sure they see what they are looking for when they search your business so they convert from a referral to a current patient.

Most Important Factors For Success In Medical SEO Services

Site Audit

We will perform a site audit to determine what keywords you are already ranking for and determine which ones you should be ranking for based on user visitation. We will assess how your current pages are ranking on the SERPs and for which keywords. After this initial audit, we will have a better understanding of the foundation of your site.

Keyword Research

Our experienced healthcare SEO experts conduct smart keyword analysis in order to find out keywords for quick results. Our smart keyword research ensures that you will have relevant traffic to your website.

Customized Plan

After performing both a site audit and researching keyword terms that will work best for your business, we take this information and build a plan specific to you, your services, and your patients geared toward exponential growth.

Ongoing SEO

You want to create an informative, seamless, and positive experience for users searching for and visiting your site. The best way to do this is to show the search engines that your site is relevant and valuable. You do this through ongoing healthcare SEO that builds up your site rapport through backlinks to other professional and trusted healthcare sites.

Positive reviews

Positive reviews play a very important role in gaining patients’ trust. We will help you get positive reviews for your services and will also share experiences of your existing patients to win over new patients.