Content Strategy

It’s difficult to monitor everything new in content marketing, particularly on the off chance that you think about that 91% of B2B marketers and 86% of B2C marketers demonstrate they are utilizing content right now as a feature of their general promoting methodology.

There are numerous articles with best practices, demonstrated strategies, and statistics. Yet, one thing can beat them all: Clear, actionable, real-life examples. However, great substance advertising contextual investigations with superb outcomes can be difficult to find.

Growing Blog Traffic by 58% with Onsite Retargeting

By investing in content marketing, they had hoped to capitalize on additional visits. But despite publishing new articles regularly, they weren’t seeing a lot of referral traffic towards the main website. In this case study, they explain how they managed to increase that traffic by 58.09% in just one month by using an exit intent popup.


Onsite retargeting with an exit intent popup. By simply asking a yes/no-question, people answering “yes” were redirected to another preferred page. As soon as blog visitors showed an exit intent, or behavior indicating they were about to leave the page, they got redirected to a page containing content they might be looking for. were going to leave the page, they got diverted to a page containing content they may search for.

Results:  5.47% CTR on their retargeting ads & 58% increase in blog referral traffic.