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19Feb, 2019

As an entrepreneur, you can probably generate a lot of visitors and customers from search engine to your website. But, due to lack of SEO keyword research many business owner missed this opportunity.

But guess what? Here’s a great news for you! You’ve just found economical, low cost SEO keyword services that you can easily trust…

Keyword research and analysis is the core step of SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION (SEO). Selecting the appropriate service would lead towards best results from organic search performance to lead generation and business revenue.

Our service would help you in your business by generating profitable keywords that could drive more qualified traffic for lead and sales.

Keyword Research Process

Client discussion

Acquiring knowledge about the client’s business is one of the fundamental steps. Knowing with what keyword client wants to reach its target.

Keyword finding

Mining large amount of data out of numerous source e.g: Google keyword planner, Yahoo search assist, Bing search suggestions. In addition to this search for related terms from competitor’s websites.

Classify and select keywords

Arrange search terms. Classifying search terms based on the type of queries(navigational, informational, transaction, question-based). Hand picks potential keywords for further keyword competition analysis.

Competitor analysis

Assessing the keywords, competition efforts. Analyze competitor based keywords and their ranking helps in making a double decision based on findings.

Keyword mapping

Mapping focused on keywords to a specific page of the customer site. Connecting with the execution recommendations on title tag, meta description, heading tags, and copy writing suggestions for the SEO agreeable content purpose.

Report to client

Building the keywords research about the service report for the customer. Beginning a discussion with the customer. Clarifying and direct customer for further SEO strategies.

Factors of Keywords Research service

SEO oriented keywords research process. Choosing right keyword is not only difficult, but it is a matter of art and science. The aim is to have website exposure to well qualified searches as much a possible. Following are stated some factors that help in the client revenue generation:

Business Understanding

Having an understanding about client business will help in selecting the right type of keywords. It mainly includes product, service, TM (target market), TD (targeted customer demographics).

Long Tail Search Keywords

Though long tail keywords have low monthly volume, but choosing right long tail keyword would result in higher conversion. For B2B business, long tail keywords are worth targeting.

Competitor Analysis

Having full knowledge about your competitors and how are they searching for particular phrases is highly important. Building a desire on how much exertion to put in the competition, while taking in best keywords practice from your rivals.

Search Volume

Any phrase searched more than 1000 times monthly is likely to give more business than relative phrases with 100 searches a month.

Economical Keyword Research Service

Understanding the tight market budget, we Hire Team is offering economical keyword research services for our clients. In order to build reliable and trustworthy relation with clients.

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