20 AWESOME Free SEO Tools [Tried & Tested]

Best seo tools
17Jan, 2019

Acing SEO optimization can be hard, particularly in case you’re simply beginning. Luckily, finding the BEST SEO TOOLS is simple, we’ve gathered them all on this list.

Here’s the list of BEST FREE SEO TOOLS till the time. That had helped many sites to gain monthly visitors.

The great part is

“These tools proven to be the BEST SEO TOOLS working in 2018″ 

You don’t need to attempt every one of these tools, you simply need to make sense of which one works best for your store’s needs.

Let’s get started…

20 Best SEO Tools

1# Google Search Console: Top SEO Tool

Google Search Console (previously Google Webmaster Tools) is a no-charge web service by Google for webmasters. It allows webmasters to check indexing status and optimize visibility of their websites.

Offered for free to everyone with a website, Search Console by Google lets you monitor and report on your website’s presence in Google SERP. 

You should simply confirm your site by adding some code to your site or experiencing Google Analytics and you can present your sitemap for ordering. In spite of the fact that you needn’t bother with a Search Console record to show up in Google’s list items you can control what gets filed and how your site is spoken to with this record. As a SEO checker device Search Console can enable you to see how Google and its clients see your site and enable you to streamline for better execution in Google list items.

2# Woorank’s SEO & Website analysis deals

SEO & Website Analysis by WooRank provides a deep SEO analysis covering SEO, Mobile, Local and Usability. 

SEO report is an extension made by WooRank. SEO plugin provides a very deep SEO report for any given website.

WooRank provides many SEO tips for your website to rank number 1 in Search Engines. It is a powerful tool for internet marketing professionals, designers, website usability experts, web and mobile developers and other digital professionals.

When you click on the WooRank extension icon, the extension opens a popup with a SEO analysis of the website covering a range of factors.

3# Moz: SEO Software

Moz (SEO software) kept springing up as a standout amongst the best SEO tools that experts really use. Some raved about how Moz kept on updating despite of the regular change in Google algorithm.  

Regardless of whether you’re searching for catchphrase suggestions or a site slither, Moz is a full-benefit powerhouse. You can get incredible bits of knowledge into how your site is performing yet in addition how to enhance it. They likewise have a free MozBar toolbar that you can download with the expectation of complimentary that enables you to see your store’s metrics while browsing any page.

In case you’re hoping to get familiar with SEO you ought to likewise consider looking at MozCon, in their annual conference.


4# Seobility

All-In-One SEO Software and Tools for website optimization and top rankings on Google.

  • Website Crawling and Site Auditor
  •  Google Rank Tracker with Daily Updates
  •  Backlink Checker and Link Building Tools
  •  Continuous Monitoring and Whitelabel Reporting

SEObility crawls the entire site and lets you know about search engine optimization issues like:

  • Slow loading pages
  • Blocked pages
  • Sitemap problems
  • Technical SEO issues
  • Lots more

The best feature of Seobility is Content Report. The report hands you a list of pages that have content-related SEO issues.

(Things like: thin content, missing meta titles, keyword stuffing, and duplicate content)

5# SpyFu: Free SEO Tools

SpyFu exposes the search marketing secret formula of your most successful competitors.

Search for any domain and see every place they’ve shown up on Google: every keyword they’ve bought on Adwords, every organic rank, and every ad variation in the last 12 years.

If you’re just starting out, you can easily grow into the paid features as you start succeeding.  You can easily view the number of times a keyword gets searched each month.  Research can also be done on your competitors to determine which keywords they use.

It’s one of the most detailed SEO analysis tools on the market.

6# Majestic: Marketing SEO Tools

Majestic is a standout amongst the best SEO marketing tool as indicated by experts.Majestic surveys and maps the Internet and has created the largest commercial Link Intelligence database in the world.

Internet map is used by SEOs, New Media Specialists, Affiliate Managers and online Marketing experts for a variety of uses surrounding online prominence, including Link Building, Reputation Management, Website Traffic development, Competitor analysis and News Monitoring.

It has countless useful features like The Majestic Millionwhich lets you see the ranking of the top million websites.

It additionally works as a SEO keyword tool enabling you to locate the best keyword to rank for while likewise having features adapt to site comparisons and tracking your rank. 


7# Google Trends: SEO Checker Tool

Google Trends has been around for a considerable length of time yet has been underutilized.

In addition to the fact that it gives you data with respect to a keywords it offers an extraordinary understanding into trends around the topic which can be  invaluable at any stage of a business’s growth.

Look for keywords in any nation/ country and get data around it like top queries, raising queries, interest over time and geographical locations depending on interest

If you are not sure which SEO keywords are the ones for you, this is the best SEO tool to utilize.

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8# Keyword Everywhere

The Keywords Everywhere extension is your free keyword tool. It can be easily installed on either Chrome or Firefox. The best part is that we show you useful google keyword search volume, cost per click and competition data of keywords on multiple websites.

One of the best feature it has is Bulk upload. Do you want to get data on huge list of keywords? In keyword everywhere, you can upload list upto 10k keywords and can data on every single one 


You can see your site through the eye of search engine. As search engine sees your site differently than you do. BROWSEO gives the x-ray vision of your website.

One of the finest feature it has is SERP (Search Engine Results Page) preview. You can get a sweet preview of how your page appears in the search results

10# Screaming Frog

The Screaming Frog SEO Spider is a website crawler, that allows you to crawl websites’ URLs and fetch key elements to analyse and audit technical and on-site SEO. Fix technical issues in no time. 

One of the finest feature screaming frog has is of Discover Duplicate Content. It is commonly heard that , Google HATES duplicate content. Fortunately, you can use Screaming Frog to quickly ID pages with duplicate content.

11# Google analytics

Google Analytics is a premium web analytics service offered by Google that tracks and reports website traffic, currently as a platform inside the Google Marketing Platform brand.

Google Analytics isn’t really an SEO tool.But it’s almost impossible to run an SEO campaign without it.

The best feature of google analytics is  Google Analytics and Google Search Console Integration.

Google Analytics is super powerful on its own.But when you combine it with the Google Search Console? It’s even MORE powerful.


12# SEOQuake: Free SEO Tools

SEOQuake is one of the best free SEO tools. This tool act as an SEO checker that is performed on-site audit, internal and external links and also doing a website comparison in order to perform against competitors.

Some of the other features it has are SEObar, SEO Dashboard, SERP overlay, Vast Data, Keyword Analysis.


13# Siteliner: SEO Analysis Tool

Siteliner is a free service that lets you explore your website, revealing key issues that affect your site’s quality and search engine rankings. Some of it’s features are 

Duplicate Content – Duplicate content can lower your site’s search engine rankings, reducing the traffic to your site. Siteliner systematically checks your site for internal duplicate content, highlighting it on each page, intelligently excluding common content such as menus and navigation.

Broken Links – Broken links can damage your site’s user experience and lower your site’s search engine rankings. Siteliner checks all internal links on your site to ensure they are working, and highlights the broken links so you can fix them easily.

Page Power – Siteliner identifies the pages that are most prominent to search engines as they crawl through your site based on the link patterns between your pages.

Reports – Siteliner crawls and analyzes the pages on your site, revealing key information about each page. Siteliner provides a standard XML Sitemap for your site, as well as a more detailed Siteliner Report.


14# Fat Rank: SEO Tools

Search engine optimization Chrome extension like Fat Rank enable you to effectively examine your site’s performance.

This SEO keyword tool tells you the positioning of your keyword. You can add keyword to your pursuit to discover what your rank is per page for every keyword you optimized for.

In the event that you don’t rank for the best 100 outcomes, it’ll disclose to you that you’re not positioning for that keyword. This data enables you to all the more likely optimize your online store for that keyword so you can make alterations as required.

15# Yoast WordPress Plugin

Yoast SEO is one of the most widely popular WordPress plugins around and it’s easy to understand why. Whether you’re running a personal blog or you’re a SEO professional managing a website for a client, Yoast is a powerful tool that can help you make your site as search engine-friendly as possible.

It’s finest feature is XML sitemap. 

Sitemaps help Google and other search engines find, crawl and index all of the pages on your site.And with the Yoast plugin, you don’t have to tinker with your sitemap every time you add a new page to your site.

That’s because Yoast updates your sitemap automatically. Cool.


16# Panguin tool

A free SEO tool to help you investigate whether you’ve been impacted by Google’s algorithm updates. Technology brought to you by digital marketing agency Barracuda Digital.

This tool relates your search traffic with realized Google updates.

For what reason is this useful?

All things considered, in the event that you see that your rankings dropped around the season of a major Google refresh, you can make sense of what turned out badly… and fix it.

It’s one of the advanced feature is switch update ON/OFF

Panguin makes it simple to focus in on a particular refresh.

For instance, in case you’re a neighborhood business that centers around nearby SEO, you can just have Panguin ONLY show you Google refreshes that affected neighborhood result

17# CORA: Advanced SEO Tools

Looking for a more advanced SEO tool you may want to check out CORA

Advanced SEO site audit, they don’t come cheap, but they’re about as comprehensive as they get.

If you’re a normal to large sized business, this is likely the type of SEO tool you’ll be using to better understand areas of W/O for your website.


Monthly Cora SEO Software Subscription: $250 per month

Cancel Anytime, No Contracts

Always have the latest version!

18# Fat Rank

Fat Rank allow you to easily analyze your website’s performance.SEO keyword tool allows you to know the ranking of your keywords. 

You can add keywords to your search to find out on what rank is per page for each keyword you optimized for. If you don’t rank for the top 100 results, it’ll tell you that you’re not ranking for that keyword.

19# Varvy SEO Tool

Do you want to get a free SEO site checkup? Varvy is an extremely cool SEO audit tool.

With Varvy, you get access to data which most other free tools don’t show you… including mobile-friendliness, missing alt text, HTTPS setup, robots.txt analysis and more.

Varry has one of the best feature of  Google Guidelines. It not only just hand you a list of SEO problems.

It also gives you specific recommendations/suggestions  that you can implement to fix them… straight from Google’s Webmaster Guidelines.

Limited mode
Verify is an extremely cool SEO audit tool


20# KWFinder

KW finder is a keyword research tool, the best part of this tool is that it is easy to use.

It’s a legit keyword tool that lots of pros use.

LPS=Link Profile Strength.

This feature basically defines you how many links you’ll need to rank for that keyword.

So if you find a keyword having a LPS of 50+, you may come to know that you’ll need to do some serious link building to rank for that term.

Winding up

The Best SEO Tools and techniques on this list  aren’t sufficient. That is to say, they’re certainly going to enable you to more readily see how you can enhance your site’s streamlining however they won’t take every necessary step for you. You will need to put in the work to get the outcomes you need. That implies creating content that is SEO enhanced, changing all your maker portrayals and transforming them into something that suits your specialty and taking what you’ve gained from these SEO devices and making modifications. In case you’re on a financial plan the greater part of these instruments have free highlights or preliminaries you can play around with. Give them a shot. Think about these SEO checker devices as coaches revealing to you what you have to enhance. Furthermore, pursue their proposals to soar your development. Your prosperity falls on you. Make that next stride.


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